Ideal Group of Companies Subsidiary Eclipse Real Estate Development Partners with National Cyber Security to Provide Cyber Protection for Homeowners

Anderson, South Carolina – (June 17, 2024) – Ideal Group of Companies, Inc. (“Ideal Group” or the “Company”) (OTC: IDGR) brand Eclipse Real Estate Development, is helping to fight cybercrime by partnering with cyber security provider National Cyber Security.

National Cyber Security is a leader offering cyber protection for real estate agents and brokers to use as a useful and meaningful closing gift for their clients. National Cyber Security introduced their trademarked Cyber Protection Gift in August 2023, and since then, thousands of new homeowners have registered for it.

Ideal Group Subsidiary Travel Zen, Inc. Reports 100% Unit Occupancy Sales Revenue from Its Second Annual Cycle

Anderson, South Carolina – (May 16, 2024) – Ideal Group of Companies, Inc. (“Ideal Group” or the “Company”) (OTC: IDGR) subsidiary Travel Zen, Inc. (Travel Zen) reports that it has sold out all of its units from the company’s spring break inventory of fractional timeshare bookings for 2024.

Travel Zen owns a portfolio of fractional timeshare units at premium resorts. The units are centered around traditional spring break periods at popular ski and resort areas in the country, mainly in the Vail, Colorado region. Properties in the portfolio include Sheraton Mountain Vista Resort, Sheraton Lakeside Terrace Villas, and Falcon Point Resort.

Ideal Group Subsidiary Oxygen Commercial to Offer One-Stop Loan Opportunities Servicing the Massive, Boomer-Fueled Surge in Commercial Lending

Anderson, South Carolina – (Mar. 5, 2024) – Ideal Group of Companies, Inc. (“Ideal Group” or the “Company”) (OTC: IDGR) subsidiary Oxygen Commercial (Oxygen) has launched with a new business offering designed to provide “one-stop” loan approval for small-to-medium businesses and owners who want to take advantage of the Small Business Administration (SBA) lending options for commercial loans up to $5 million.

Ideal Group of Companies Inc. Appoints Robert Egeland as Vice Chairman and Begins Trading Under New Symbol, IDGR

Anderson, South Carolina – (February 6, 2024) – Ideal Group of Companies, Inc. (“Ideal Group” or the “Company”) (OTC: IDGR) has appointed Robert Egeland as Vice Chairman of the Company and began trading under its new symbol, IDGR on the OTC Pink Sheets. The symbol change is effective as of the trade date February 1, 2024.

Robert Egeland is a Board Director and serves President of Ideal Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, Oxygen Mortgage Inc., which provides full-service mortgage brokerage services for consumers including adjustable and fixed rate loans, FHA, VA, and jumbo loans, as well as reverse mortgage financing.

Ideal Group of Companies Appoints David Weintraub to the Board Of Directors

Anderson, South Carolina – (January 9, 2024) – Ideal Group of Companies, Inc. (“Ideal Group” or the “Company”) (OTC: JZZID) has appointed David Weintraub as a member of the Board of Directors effective immediately.

David Weintraub is the President of Ideal Group’s wholly owned subsidiary Portfolio Partners Inc. Portfolio Partners, Inc. is the parent company of Travel Zen, Inc., which acquires deeds to fractional timeshares in a portfolio of premium resorts concentrated during spring break at the most popular ski resorts in the USA.

JZZ Technologies, Inc. Announces Name and Trading Symbol Change; Appoints Robert Egeland as New Board Director

Anderson, South Carolina – (January 4, 2024) – JZZ Technologies, Inc.’s (“JZZ” or the “Company”) (OTC: JZZID) announces that the Company has effected a name change to Ideal Group of Companies Inc. (“Ideal Group”). The Company will trade under the temporary symbol JZZID for a period and then receive its new designated trading symbol in approximately 30 days. The name and temporary symbol changes are effective as of the January 3, 2024, trade date.

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